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Farmer’s Market

Highland Farmer's Market  The Highland Farmer’s Market was established in 2009. Since their inaugural year, the market’s goals have remained the same:

  1. To provide the community with a place to buy fresh produce directly from producers in a congenial atmosphere.
  2. To provide producers and artists with a direct market for their goods.
  3. To increase awareness of the benefits of eating seasonally and locally grown foods.
  4. To enhance the quality of life in the Highland area by providing a community activity that fosters social gathering and interaction.
  5. To encourage commerce by drawing more people to the community.

Highland Farmers Market  Located on the Downtown Square in Highland, Illinois, this seasonal open air market features vendor grown vegetables, fruits, flowers, baked goods, preserves and specialty items as well as the work of artisans. Family-friendly activities will be regular events at the market.

Highland Farmers Market   Farmer's Markets seem to be "sprouting up" everywhere. In Illinois, there are approximately 300 markets in operation today, a number that has nearly tripled since 1999. Consumers, concerned with overall health and well-being, are looking for fresh, quality, locally grown produce and growers are happy to oblige. Farmer's Markets offer a friendly venue that invite interaction and encourage healthy eating. At the same time, they provide new income to farmers, strengthening the local economy and keeping money circulating here at home.

Highland Farmers Market
Highland Farmers Market  Vendors can make a commitment for the entire season or on a weekly basis. Fees are nominal and vary according to vendor space requirements and season commitment. For information about participating in the market, see our Vendor Information link. For additional information, contact Chris Miller at 618-980-4636 or e-mail marketmaster@highlandillinois.com.


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